April 2022

We have some exciting news to share. GNS is back to manufacturing. 

We took a break from new builds at our shop over the last 4 years and focused on renovations to older equipment, bringing it up to quality to add to our growing rental fleet. We are down to our last few renovations and have decided to get back to building new again!

From single and double wide office trailers to executive sleepers and wash-cars the line is moving. 

Give us a call if you are in need of some thing new for a project, or if you have something old you need spruced up.  Our office rental fleet is growing quickly so reach out if you are looking for new units to support a project. Our team is here to help. 

Student Housing

Feb, 2022

GNS equipment continues to serve many purposes throughout a variety of industries. There will always be a need for temporary accommodations related to construction, infrastructure, and development projects. Lately, we have found other uses for our equipment that help “a little closer to home”. From warming shelters in the far North, to emergency relief beds that support those affected by fires, floods, and other disasters, and now, Student Housing.

We are very proud of the project we undertook recently and the value-added for our client by providing them with 114 executive style beds for student housing.

GNS managed the project and worked closely with the local municipality to ensure our equipment met the stringent code reviews required to be setup right in the heart of a city. This project was completed quickly (within 2 months and over Christmas!!) and safely, and is now home to over 100 students who have clean, comfortable, and private accommodations to call home while they are in school.

Contact us for any inquiries you might have.

High Snow Load Dorms

Feb, 2022

Challenging environments require specialized equipment. GNS tackled a project for a client that needed heavy snow roofs due to their project location.  After some engineering and design, GNS ran our dormitory boxes through our shop and our talented team completed the upgrades on two dormitories in time for our clients project start date. 

It was a cool project and showed that our equipment, with modifications, can serve multiple purposes in various locations across Canada. 

Custom Kicks

These custom kicks were designed by GNS in collaboration with NIKE (haha). They are a gift for a very special person, and although Nike has not yet decided to mass-produce these, we can always make more. 😉

Fruit Picking and Emergency Fire Camp

July 2021

Our equipment serves many uses for many industries. Here’s an example of a camp we set up for fruit pickers in BC.
The equipment provides the crew with clean, comfortable accommodations and a catered kitchen for meals to keep them well-fed and satisfied each day. This keeps the crews happy and productive while they work in the sun (and lately the smoke). The camp will also serve a dual purpose this season as an emergency fire camp for the amazing crews fighting the local forest fires.

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