GNS Health and Safety

Safety in the workplace is fundamental to meeting the objective of satisfying customer requirements.

Since 1996, GNS has recognized our most valuable asset; our people.  With an average employee tenure of 11.8 years, we know the importance and value of our skilled team members, and go to great lengths to protect them.  Since the beginning, we have been committed to giving health and safety matters the highest priority in all of our daily activities.  We ensure employee safety goes beyond the implementation and compliance of regulations, policies, procedures and safety audits.  Our commitment to safety does not end with our employees, it also includes the safety of all others who may be directly or indirectly involved with any of our operations.  Further, it is the policy of the company that GNS will comply with all local, provincial, and federal legislation relating to health and safety.

GNS Trailers is also COR (Certificate Of Recognition) certified and subscribes to ISNetworld, Comply Works and PICS Auditing.

For further information on our safety program please e-mail us at:

Our GNS HSE Program Provides:

  • Assigned individual responsibilities;
  • On-going employee orientation, competency, education, communications and certification standards;
  • Undertaking extensive safety inspections and hazard assessments;
  • Safety guidelines that focus on reducing the risk of accidents and/or incidents in all activities;
  • Detailed incident investigations including reporting and corrective actions;
  • Job specific safe work practices and procedures;
  • Equipment operating and maintenance procedures;
  • Committing to use only the most modern and up-to-date equipment available;
  • Adhering to stringent guidelines with respect to compliance and regulations; and
  • Measurement and improvement through rigorous self-evaluation.
  • Our commitment to introducing new and improved systems across our many operational activities reflects our clients’ demanding requirements.


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