10 Unit Kitchen/Diner

Built in 2008 by Alta Fab. This unit was completely renovated in 2018 with all new drywall, flooring, and upgraded kitchen equipment.

10 Unit Kitchen/Diner Floorplan

10'x55' storage unit

10'x55' storage unit with rolling doors. $25,000

10'x55' storage unit Floorplan

10'x48' skidded storage unit

10'x48' skidded storage unit with rolling door. $20,000 Recently used as a dry food storage and includes 6 chest freezers and all shelving.

10'x48' skidded storage unit Floorplan

49 Person Dorm

Unit#5172 49 person 8 unit modular dorm built by Atco in 2002. Complete work orders available. Unit is in fair shape. Can be sold as is or with full servicing done.

49 Person Dorm Floorplan

42 Person Dorm

Unit#5370 42 person 6 unit modular dorm built by Northgate Industries in 2000. Unit is in very nice shape and would only require minor work before being ready for the field. Unit is set up and available for easy viewing at our storage yard in Edmonton.

42 Person Dorm Floorplan

48 Person Dorm

48 person 8 unit modular dorm. Built by Northgate Industries in 2011. This unit is in excellent condition and is ready to be put to work.

48 Person Dorm Floorplan

38 Person Executive Dorm

38 Person 8 unit modular dorm. Built by Northgate Industries in 2013. This unit is almost new. Been used on one job. Has been fully serviced and is ready for the field.

38 Person Executive Dorm Floorplan

24'x60' Rec Trailer

2 unit rec built by Northgate in 2006. Has recently been fully serviced and is ready to work.

24'x60' Rec Trailer Floorplan

11'x32' Water Storage Building

Built in 2008. Skidded, fully serviced including brand new pumps.

11'x32' Water Storage Building Floorplan

48 Person Skidded Dormitory

Built in 2008. Fully serviced and includes new floor and roof panels, new Tv's and new AC units.

48 Person Skidded Dormitory Floorplan

Skidded 12x60 Wide open Office/ Rec Trailer

Built in 2020. Wide open skidded Office/Rec Trailer. AC and propane tanks mounted on Skid. Handwashing Sink included.